Monday, April 4, 2011

Interiors of Karwar

The name Karwar is believed to be derived from the misnomer from Kadwad. Hence we set out to explore what Karwar has inside it. We had heard that there are good picnic spots inside the forest area of Kadwad.

We started from Karwar at around 2pm. Passing through Habbuwada, Sonarwada, & Bandishitta, we reached Shejwad. I recollected the memories of when I used to come for swimming here in a water body. Then we passed through the railway station in Shirwad. We reached to Kadwad which is at distance of 8 kms from Karwar. Mahadev Devasthan is a temple famous for its annual Jatra.

During 2009 monsoon, Jariwadi in Kadwad had suffered a landslide due to which more than 20 people had lost their lives and land had shifted to around 500 metres away at that site. We got a chance to get the glimpse of this tragic site on the way. The places after that were completely calm and serene from the distant hussle of the crowded Karwar. We could rarely see people walking around. It was a completely different experience.
Kari Dev Temple

On the  way, we came across beautiful temples like Kari Dev Temple and Shiv Temple with beautiful mountains in the background.

We passed through a bridge which had river Kali remains flowing below it.  We reached Nagekoil at a distance of around 30 kms from Karwar. We took a right turn from Nagekoil and after 2 kms we reached to our destination. A beautiful picnic spot with Kali River remains flowing across under the shade of greenery.