Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Journey towards Karwar

I am a regular traveller to Karwar since it is my hometown. I take a private bus and make sure it is sleeper and upper berth because i cant afford to miss the scenic beauty when the bus is about to reach Karwar.
My eyes get opened in the morning to a sight of mountains covered in mist on the right hand of the bus. I wonder if i have crossed Ankola already. Yes, I have. I gear up myself to what i feel the most beautiful scenes i have ever seen. To have huge misty mountains on the right and deep blue sea on the left while the bus travels through the Western ghats is mind gasping.

As i reach the top most point of  harwada ghat(haidi), (which has rumours of possession of ghosts, and thats why as many as 3 or 4 idols of God have been installed) my eyes stop blinking to the sight of first encounter of vast sea along with the mountains. As i make my way through Chendia, Arga and Binaga, the blocked walls of Sea Bird project(INS Kadamba) restrict us from other beautiful attractions. Then the countdown starts for the place i have been eagerly waiting for. As the bus makes it way down the binaga ghat, i see ships docked at the baithkol port and huge blocks of granite stones standing there waiting to be exported to their destinations. After crossing the port, i see myself piercing the junction of Western Ghats and Arabian Sea to reach my hometown Karwar.

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